Malabar Rampage 2018: Chilling in Kochin

10 Apr, 2018 by David  0

Day 4 of the Malabar Rampage wasn’t too strenuous.

malabar rampage 2018

After three busy days, on Day 4 the Malabar Rampage Rickshaw Challenge slowed down. It was a short drive from Alleppey to Kochin, so teams had plenty time to do sightseeing, or just relax in the pool…


Houseboat Hunting

malabar rampage 2018

An easy to challenge to start off with. Teams were instructed to get a photo of themselves beside a backwater (there are a lot). More points were awarded if your photo featured a houseboat. Some entries were marginal (*cough* Team Father & Son *cough*) but the Namaste guys, above, did a great job.


Easy Going

malabar rampage 2018

A short ride, barely any breakdowns (at least, not any that weren’t fixed without much fuss). A great lazy day, apart from Tuktukarama almost tumbling off the road into a pot hole. Luckily, locals helped them out, so they didn’t die


 Rooftop Beers

malabar rampage 2018

And our hotel had the perfect place to relax: a rooftop pool. Beers, a view, sunshine… this is the life. Until it was time to pay the bill, that is. Matt of Team Wrecking Ball decided to pay for everyone, and it was… a lot. Here’s Cameron of Cupid Stunts posing for the camera.


The Land of Spices

malabar rampage 2018

It wasn’t all relaxation though. Kochin is famous for its spice trading, so we asked participants to head to a spice shop and to check out what’s on offer. That they did, and here’s the proof.


Kochi Jews

malabar rampage 2018

Kochi is also famous as the home of the India’s oldest Jewish community. Just how old? That was another challenge posed to teams. The answer (roughly) is “very” and the synagogue area made for a great atmospheric walk.



malabar rampage 2018

No relaxation for The Outlaws however. They headed to nearby Kumbalanghi island, and apparently fitted in with the locals with ease. They were sifting mussels, weaving baskets, making rope — sounds like they should’ve been paid, but we have a hunch the sunset (looking at the Kochi’s other famous landmark, Chinese fishing nets) may have made up for it!


classic run



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