Who better to tell you about the experience than those who’ve already joined the exclusive club of Rickshaw Challenge Veterans! 

Climb Kilimanjaro. See the Taj at sunrise. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef. After you have done all that, go do the Rickshaw Challenge. It is exhausting, frustrating, maddening …. in other words, you will love it. Great support and logistics from the organizers.

Ric Gazarian

My husband and I did the rickshaw classic in 2009/10. It was the scariest and most exhilarating thing we had done for a long time. We had a ball. The best advice Aravind gave us was “the people are your maps” meaning we had to get our of any comfort zone and talk to the locals for directions. Tamil Nadu was lovely, the rickshaws only broke down a few times (more opportunity for local networking) and I would do it all again at a moments notice. We were among the oldest in our fifties, most were in their late 20s- but if you are game, have a go!

Hilary King

Mumbai Xpress 2009: Still the best holiday I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some amazing holidays. Loved every minute. Thanks Aravind for the unique adventure. Plus, I met my husband on another team.

Jocelyn Turner

Loved this adventure. Organizers are a great bunch of guys as well.

Praveen Tipirneni

The Rickshaw Challenge is probably most stupid, nonsensical, insane thing you will do in your life, but definitely the most fun! Strong driving skills, excellent navigation abilities, and proven negotiation techniques are all attributes that will be useless in this mad coast to coast dash! However the unparalleled level of fun, camaraderie and sense of achievement make this an experience not to be missed in your lifetime. No other means of transport other than India’s Auto Rickshaw allows you such an intimate insight into this fascinating country, culture and customs and direct access to one of the world’s most friendly people.

James Stackhouse

Great idea. Great drive. Great friends. Great fun.

Ejji K. Umamahesh

We did this rally a few years ago, and it’s still one of our favorite adventures! Great way to see India – saw and did things you’d NEVER experience on an organized tour! Very well organized, with just enough hiccups to make for some awesome stories! I’d recommend this event to anyone looking to try something different for a vacation…you’ll never want to go on another all-inclusive resort vacation after this!

Rick Ivey


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