Deccan Odyssey 2018: Day 2

Princely reports on Deccan Odyssey Day 2.
deccan odyssey
After training on Day 1, on the Deccan Odyssey Day 2 there was a mini-challenge to complete. An easy day by the standards of the Rickshaw Challenge, but for some it turned out tougher than expected. Here is Princely’s report:

Deccan Odyssey 2018 Day 2!

deccan odyssey
Team 11 Bocholt Sunrise came late on the first day and they missed all the session. So on the second day a special training was planned to make them drive the rickshaw. It was planned at 10 am to start their training session. By 11 am rest of the teams gathered to do the Mini challenge: drive to St. Francis Xavier Church, take a team photo, and report back with the answer to a testing triva question. Team 9 ‘Txikas tikka’ was still one person short until the other team member was cleared to visit India and it was happy news for the all-female team.

deccan odyssey
By 5.00 pm all the teams finished the mini challenge and got back to base hotel. Second member of Team 9 joined her team mate at 6.00 pm. The day was not uneventful, however. Team 1 were the first to call for service; there was some block in petrol tank which was cleared by the mechanics. Team 4 ‘WHAT CAN GO WRONG!!!’ went to a wrong place which was 30 km away from the original pin! That’s the problem of blindly following Google Maps. Check and recheck till you are sure the place you visit is the key and finding place by human positioning system is the fun way which is missing nowadays in the rickshaw challenge. Technology kills our imagination by spoon feeding information.
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