Why We Love Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has everything.
tamil nadu
The Classic Run Rickshaw Challenge begins on 28th December in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. Soon, teams will be exploring the best that the state has to offer, on their journey to the southern tip of India. Incredible nature and fascinating history awaits the teams, not to mention the vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and generous hospitality of the local people. Here are just some of the things we love about Tamil Nadu.

Incredible Nature

tamil nadu
Like these fields of green.


tamil nadu
Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel

Often the best views are of plantations, like this spot in Western Tamil Nadu.

Pristine Beaches


Photo by Vinoth Chandler

Chennai, where the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run begins, has the longest natural urban beach in the country.


Photo via Creative Commons

Fishing is an important industry in ports like Tuticorin.


tamil nadu
Photo via Flickr

Sometimes the clear white sand has to be seen to be believed.

Amazing Temples


tamil nadu
Photo via Creative Commons

The gopurams of Madurai are astonishing.


tamil nadu
Photo by Vinoth Chandler

While Rajarajeswaram has been astonishing visitors for over one thousand years.

India’s Southern Tip


classic run cities
Photo via Creative Commons

Your reward for making it all the way to the very south of the subcontinent is the stunning ocean views of Kanyakumari.


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