Mumbai Xpress 2017 Interviews: Desert Gypsies

Introducing the Desert Gypsies.
rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
We love hearing what Rickshaw Challenge teams think of the experience, after the event. And so we’re happy that Mumbai Xpress team the Desert Gypsies answered our questions about their time in India. Here are their great answers (accompanied by fantastic emoji usage), plus some photos of them on the event.

1. Why did you decide to sign up for the Rickshaw Challenge Mumbai Xpress 2017?

rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
An adventure with challenges attached by default!

2. What did you expect and what did you get?

Ručni rad
Expected more breakdowns and less drinking, got the opposite…. not complaining.?

3. What was your scariest experience on the road?

Ručni rad
Mountain descent through fog with about 20yards visibility. ?????????

4. What was your most positive experience during the Mumbai Xpress?

rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
The friendliness of the country, smiles everywhere and very rarely looking for compensation when help was offered. Amazing people.

5. How many breakdowns did you have and what did you learn about fixing a rickshaw?

rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
Just one but gears were a constant issue, lesson learned, just keep going!

6. Describe India in one word or sentence, which doesn’t include coconut or coconut tree!

rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
An absolute contrast- the spectacular is mixed like soup with the depravity and despair although completely content in each sense.

7. What is your most “only in India” experience?

rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
Traffic insanity!

8. Do you have any recommendations, any good advice for future participants?

mumbai xpress
Don’t be afraid to eat in the smallest, grubbiest or darkest road side cafes, some have the best Biriyani on the planet.

9. Anything else you want to tell us?

rickshaw challenge interviews desert gypsies
An utterly amazing experience with fabulous support crew and fellow Auto teams, would I do it again? Ask me in a few months..?
mumbai xpress

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