Mumbai Xpress 2017 Interviews: Daft Trunk Garage

Introducing Dark Trunk Garage.
daft trunk garage
If you’ve been enjoying the photo highlights from the recent Mumbai Xpress rickshaw challenge, you may well have notice a team wearing futuristic helmets, resembling those of a certain famous French electronic music duo. This was team Daft Trunk Garage, and we’re pleased to say they recently answered our questions about the event.

1. Why did you decide to sign up for the Rickshaw Challenge Mumbai Xpress 2017?

daft trunk garage
Endurance rallies are our passion together with traveling around the world. India was a country on our list of countries to visit.

2. What did you expect and what did you get?

daft trunk garage
We expected a well done rally and a good amount of experiences. We got millions of fun (over what we expected) and a wonderful country!

3. What was your scariest experience on the road?

daft trunk garage
A couple of overtakes where we didn’t have space to do it so we had to ‘make out rickshaw thinner’ to go all of us thought the same point ha ha ha

4. What was your most positive experience during the Mumbai Xpress?

daft trunk garage
People in the trip and people in the country! Awesome!

5. How many breakdowns did you have and what did you learn about fixing a rickshaw?

daft trunk garage
A kicker starter problem, the clutch cable broke down and two problems with oil and the carb. The third time with the problem we solved it on our own!! We had to run away from the American’s rickshaw because we had painted their handles in gold!!

6. Describe India in one word or sentence, which doesn’t include coconut or coconut tree!

daft trunk garage
Amazing country and people!

7. What is your most “only in India” experience?

daft trunk garage
Selfies everywhere and anytime as being a celebrity!!

8. Do you have any recommendations, any good advice for future participants?

daft trunk garage
Get your bag full of sense of humor and everything will be fine!! Carrying some goods for the amazing children in the schools is also a good idea!

9. Anything else you want to tell us?

daft trunk garage
Thanks to all the staff of the rally, from Hungary to India to make this unforgettable trip a reality for the participants!
mumbai xpress

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