Discovering India on three wheels

India on three wheels
Press below for the in motion Mumbai Xpress.
The Ultimate Auto-rickshaw Adventure Mumbai Xpress 2013, is a charitable programme which takes aspiring adventurers from different countries and takes them on an exciting 2,000km journey in auto-rickshaws. Their journey began in Mumbai on July 29 and will conclude on August 9. Yesterday, the group were in Pune at the SSVMS in Karvenagar. They interacted with the school children, who benefit greatly from this activity. “Sometimes the participants voluntarily make individual donations to the schools that we run. Round Table India’s purpose behind the event is to generate funds to run these schools,” says Ankush Mehta, secretary of Pune Midtown Round Table 65.
The participants themselves make hay of this opportunity by getting to see India in all its vibrance and reality. With participants from UK, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and Germany, each rickshaw has customised designs and peculiar names. Speaking exclusively to dna, one of the racers, Marc Spence from Australia said, “This is my second visit to India and this time, I wanted to see the real side of this country. So, when I saw this opportunity, I decided to participate.”
Marc, who is in the business of Prosthetics back home, finds the overall experience fascinating. “It was great to ride surrounded by the mountains. It was riding in the cities that was stressful. Especially in Pune, things just keep popping up before you and you have to keep finding gaps,” Marc says, utterly thrilled. By the time he reaches Chennai, Marc will definitely get a hang of Indian roads and the unique skill set required to drive on them.
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