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Bunch of media/news about the in motion Mumbai xpress 2009:
Mangalore, August 6, 2009Who would think one day foreigners from affluent countries will travel in autorikshaws not just within the city but on a long trip from Bangalore to Mumbai?  Yes it is right to think, it is happening in front of our own eyes.
Mangalore today received these 27 youths from all over the travelling in 15 custom designed three wheelers. The participants from the 3rd Annual Mumbai Xpress-Autorickshaw Challenge expedition comprising 13 teams, made heads turn as they drove around in 15 colourful, custom-built autorickshaws.
The team arrived here amid high spirit they did not show even an aoerta of fatigue after arriving here from Mysore passing through the treacherous Sampaje ghat and traversing through the bad roads. Answering few questions posed by Melanie one of the participants from Australia said “roads are pretty bad but that is how it is in India, it is fun to drive through the pot holes rickshaws are fun to ride especially on a rainy day”.
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