Malabar Rampage 2018: Tukkles in Togas

On Day 6 of the Malabar Rampage one team got a very special invitation.
malabar rampage 2018
On Day 6 of the Malabar Rampage, teams travelled from Kozhikode to Mangaluru, a relatively relaxed trip compared to the long journey of Day 5. As ever on the Rickshaw Challenge, though, there were lots of sights to see and challenges to complete. Best of all, the participants did a great job of making friends with the locals…

Moustache Men

malabar rampage 2018
One of the challenges was to get a photograph featuring somebody with a moustache. There were many successful entries, but none moreso than Team Ice Road Trucker’s photo with a policeman, always a bonus. They’d broken down, and the local constabulary were only too happy to provide a personal security force until they got back on the road!

Fort Rest

malabar rampage 2018
One essential stop was Bekal Fort, spread over an area of over 40 acres. It was a a hot day, so exploring it all was quite a challenge. Still, the view over the old walls (which date back to 1650) towards to ocean, was phenomenal.

Family Lunch

malabar rampage 2018
The Namaste Teams stopped for fuel at a gas station, and ended up getting invited for a family lunch with the owner. They exchanged life stories, and heard about the hopes and dreams of the daughter, who hopes to study in the UK. What the Rickshaw Challenge is all about.

Best Men

malabar rampage 2018
The Tukkle Brothers were living their best lives on the Malabar Ramapage. Casually spending the day dressed in togas, they somehow found themselves invited to a local wedding. Not only that, but they were seemingly the guests of honour — they got to cut the cake! Sensational scenes.

Craft Beers

malabar rampage
Participants’ trusty Lonely Planet guides served them well in Mangaluru. Spindrift, a modern craft beer bar, was lively, with great food, and some incredible beers: the Mango IPA had to be tasted to be believed…
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