The Classic Run 2018: End of the Road

Day 10 was the final day of the Classic Run Rickshaw Challenge 2018.
classic run
It had been great fun but sadly the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run 2018 had to end eventually! After heading south on Day 9, the final day saw teams briefly travel north again. The final destination was Trivandrum, capital of Kerala, and a great night of festivities lay in store for everyone. Here is Princely’s recap of Day 10.

Day 10

classic run
The final day is a short distance day but the road and the traffic was expected to delay their arrival at the final destination in Trivandrum. At the beginning of the day we had photo shoot for the Travel Scientists and it was helped by the teams of Classic Run. Some of the teams volunteered to stay for the shoot. It took those teams 2 hours before they could start form Kanyakumari. As expected, the teams started at 11 am.

classic run
The highlight of the day was a small mishap by Team 13 Mitra Firm who drove the rickshaw in to the ditch by missing the curve. Fortunately he survived without hurting himself. We planned the finish by 4.30 at the base hotel PUB and it was delayed by Team 15. Again we had to wait for them and when they entered the PUB it was a big clap for them. With that Aravind started the finish ceremony. The Bonkers trophy was awarded to Team 4 ‘The Death Shaw’, the charity award was given to Team 11 ‘the B-Team’ and, most importantly, it was announced that the Champions were Team 1 ‘The Tuktators’.
classic run
Thus the first event in the calendar was completed successfully and we shall next meet in April for the Malabar Rampage 2018. Until then it’s goodbye from the organizing desk. See you!!!
classic run

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