The Best Street Markets in Mumbai

If you’re in Mumbai, there’s nothing like a bit of shopping. The best street markets in Mumbai are where you can get the authentic produce for the cheapest prices in the coolest settings!
Get ready to bargain. Street shopping in India can be an exhilarating experience, with an overwhelming selection of goods on offer at prices you won’t believe. Here’s our guide to the best street markets in Mumbai:

best street markets in Mumbai
Photo by Vishalngp


Colaba Causeway


10 best markets in mumbai
Photo by Baishampayan Ghose

Colaba is a must-see destination for tourists in Mumbai, located close to the Gateway to India, and the market at Colaba Causeway is always packed. The buzz and activity can make it seem like a festival, so it’s worth a visit even if you don’t plan to shop. Keeping your wallet in your pocket would be a waste though, as there’s someone for everyone. The variety on offer means it’s worth braving the crowds.

Crawford Market


Crawford Market Mumbai
Photo by Bernard Gagnon

Visiting Crawford market is recommended for lovers of history as well as shopping: located in the fort district, it’s found in a colonial building completed in 1869. The interior stone fountains were designed by the father of Rudyard Kipling! Crawford Market is where to go for wholesale fruit and vegetables, which line aisles of incredible colour. There’s much else besides and you could get lost in the maze, and could end up in the section dedicated to a surprising variety of pets…

Chor Bazaar


Chor Bazaar
Photo by A Vahanvati

The “thieves market”, Chor Bazaar, is one of India’s largest flea markets. Travellers have long said that if you get something stolen in Mumbai, you can buy it back here. However, the selection of second hand and antique goods is very impressive. Many say that the name was originally Shor, meaning noisy, and as an old-fashioned bazaar it lives up to that reputation. Be prepared to bargain!

Zaveri Bazaar


snack at zaveri
Photo by Meena Kadri

Zaveri Bazaar is a jewellery lovers paradise, with more than half India’s gold trading believed to originate in this market. There are all kinds of gems, with both modern and traditional Indian designs. With prices far lower than abroad, it’d be a shame not to bring something home. The least you can get is a delicious snack from one of the food stalls, like some of the freshly cooked batata vada pictured above.

Dadar Flower Market

best markets in mumbai
Dadar Flower market — also known as “Phool Gully”, meaning flower street — is a flower lover’s dream, whatever your favourite variety. It’s a wholesale market, so is generally liveliest early in the morning. While your purchase might not survive the journey home, the prices are so cheap you might as well surprise your favourite travel companion with a bouquet!

Fashion Street


10 best markets in Mumbai
Photo by Vishalngp

On Fashion Street in South Mumbai you can find unbelievable 385 clothing shops in one lane. No matter what your style or price range, there’s something to catch your eye. While there are many cheap reproductions of designer labels, if you look hard enough you’ll find authentic quality too. Try some haggling and you could find yourself a real bargain.

Linking Road


best markets in Mumbai
Photo by PlaneMad

Linking Road, in the fancy suburb of Bandra, attracts locals from all over the city. There are stalls selling clothes from dirt-cheap basics to boutique fashion, of domestic and foreign styles. There are stalls flogging shoes, accessories, handbags, and much more. If you get tired of bargain hunting, there are food vendors galore.
These are just a selection of the best street markets in Mumbai and there are plenty more if you’re looking for something specific. For cloths and silk go to Mangaldas market in Kalbadevi, for electronics there’s nowhere better than Lamington Market, and if you want to buy some cheap literature try the book stalls by Flora Fountain.
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