Jaipur Girl Creates Home for Artists

So, what happens when you have a dream that you want to follow, no matter the consequences? This Jaipur girl created a Home for Artists to help others like herself.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, look no further than Jaipur, India, where Nimisha Verma decided to go against her parents wishes and become an artist. She was only nineteen when she left her parents’ house with her brother Sudhanshu, and in only a year, she managed to pull off creating a safe haven for artists like herself and her brother.

Logo. Photo Credit: Homeforartists Instagram

In the interview with ScoopWhoop, she said the following: “When I left my parents house to follow my dreams last year with my brother Sudhanshu, we struggled a lot. For four days we wandered in search of a roof over our head and a stable place to sleep at night. Those four days I can never forget in my entire life. I promised myself I’ll create a place which any artist with hope could call a home. A home for all the artists so they aren’t afraid of nowhere to be when they wish to escape and make art.”

Get Creative! Photo Credit: Bernard Goldbach
Get Creative! Photo Credit: Bernard Goldbach

This organisation aims to provide a place where the community of artists can feel safe and just focus on creating – after all, that is what art is all about, isn’t it? There is a daily kitchen schedule: breakfast at nine in the morning, fruits and salad at 1 pm – for lunch, you can “beg, borrow or eat,” and dinner is at 9.30 pm. There is no lunch, because there are a lot of financials to take into consideration, but residents are welcome to go out and buy food.

Home for Artists welcomes travellers, too: if you’re an artists participating in the Rickshaw Challenge, you may want to consider joining this inspiring place for a couple of days – free of charge. Residents who have lived there for a longer period of time have to pay rent, because they have a lot of expenses. As Nimisha described, “We meditate in the morning, then cook, draw, write and sleep together. There are some nights when we don’t sleep at all and keep reading books or discuss some artworks and poetry. Everyday we welcome new artists and travelers to stay with us who share their story and experiences.” In other words, it’s an open, friendly community where you can take time to develop your art.


Nimisha has big plans for the future: she wants to create a university that isn’t constrained to the whims of the education system. As she said, “they won’t come for a degree but to live art with similar creative souls.” She added, “They will learn, teach and stay at the same place surrounded by nature and peaceful environment.”

One thing is for sure: this girl really proved that one cannot go wrong with following their dreams – the only thing you need is determination.

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