10 Top Thrill-Seeking Pursuits: Race a Rickshaw

Race a Rickshaw
Great piece in the Financial Review listing the Rickshaw Challenge has one of the top 10 thrill-seeking adventures.

“India is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, but there’s a novel way to see the country that will never make a tourist brochure. Compete in a 1000-kilometre rickshaw journey down India’s southern coast (three-wheeled auto-rickshaws, or tuk-tuks, are India’s most iconic transportation) from Chennai to Trivandrum, the southern tip of the subcontinent. You’ll have 10 days to find your way to the finishing point – through crowded city streets, travelling during monsoonal rain storms aboard a canvas-topped, three-wheeler that can’t go beyond 60km/h. Proceeds of the event go to charity.”

Via: Financial Review

Race a Rickshaw

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