Stopping off in Trivandrum

Thiruvananthapuram, usually known by its colonial name Trivandrum for obvious reasons, sports the title name of being Kerala’s capital city. It’s also one of India’s oldest cities, with evidence pointing to its existence as far back as 1000BC.
This is a place that couples the energy of a state capital with Kerala’s laid back attitude, and while Trivandrum is usually used more as a base to spring into Kerala’s backwaters and beaches, however saying that, there is plenty to see and experience in Trivandrum itself. The city has one of India’s most important and oldest temples, as well as Victorian era museums and stunning architecture.
We end the Classic Run of the Rickshaw Challenge in Trivandrum, and we’re going to tell you why we love Kerala’s capital.

Close to India’s Southern tip

On the Rickshaw Challenge’s Classic Run, we like to take in the sites that have some memorable significance in India, and the southern tip of the sub-continent is a landmark we’re not going to miss out on.
For the penultimate day we’ll pay a trip to Kanyakumari, which is the most southerly point of Mainland India. It’s both a point of natural beauty and history, with interesting sites, like the Kumari Amman Temple dedicated to the Goddess Parvati on the point whether the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meet.
Located just 70km outside Trivandrum, it’s a good base to travel to after seeing the tip of India.

Historic city

Trivandrum is old. Very old, so old in fact it has references in Greek and Roman literature (and appears to have had enough significance to have travelled that far). There are plenty of sites to see in this city that befit its ancient pedigree.
The Sri Anantha Padmanabha Temple is one of Trivandrum’s main sites, and one of India’s oldest temples. The temple itself is full of sculptures and mandaps, and its importance reflects in the fact that the city was built around the temple itself.
You’ll need to see it to believe it, but just to give you and idea about the dramatic beauty of the temple, it was nominated for the last round of the 7 Wonders of the World. The building is a unique blend of Tamil architecture and local Keralan style. There are many structures inside the temple, including the famous 500-pillared corridor.

Proximity to the beaches

One of the main reasons Kerala’s capital is so popular with tourists is its proximity to the beaches on Kerala’s coastline. Kovalam is one of the most popular resorts in Kerala, which is a small fishing village clustered around sandy beaches, where the main stretch is built up with hotels and restaurants. Being only 15 kilometers from Trivandrum, it’s a great place to visit not just for the beach, but if you want to find some inner peace and tap into your spiritual side there is also yoga courses and ayurvedic treatments.
An alternative to Kovalam is the resort of Varkala, which is famous for its spectacular cliff setting and has become a backpacker’s haven. Of course, it also has golden sands and a row of stalls playing trance music and hippy clothes, so it caters to an alternative type of tourist. But despite being a hippy mecca, it does have its own temple, where on the beach, there is a place for Hindus to make offerings for loved ones who have passed away. It’s still a fishing village, so you’ll find some local life here as well.


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