All Aboard the Chennai Xpress!

Chennai Xpress
Get your rickshaws ready, because our next rally is coming up in just over a month!
From Bollywood to Kollywood, the Chennai Xpress will race you from Mumbai to Chennai, crossing an epic 1300km across Southern India through the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
Kicking off in Mumbai, one of India’s craziest cities that comes complete with its own identity crisis, but a fun one at that. Mixing the glamour of Bollywood with the grit of Slumdog Millionaire, Mumbai is a city of extremes, embracing both mayhem and order at the same time, mixing up bazaars with colonial monuments and towering skyscrapers.
From Mumbai, our fuel-efficient lawnmower on three-wheels will rocket off at a speed of 35 miles per hour to Pune. Even though Pune is said to represent “New India”, since the city is an industrial, business and academic hub today, it’s over 1000 years old.
On day three, the rickshaws have to navigate the roads and the chaos of India’s traffic to Hubli, one of India’s fastest growing cities and a transport hub for Mumbai an then onto Tumkur. While Tumkur might not be India’s most beautiful site, you’ll get to have some fun on the rickshaw getting there. The surrounding region will give your rocket rickshaw some challenges, since you’ll drive over hills and valleys on the way.
Before finishing up in Chennai, we’ll head off to one of the highlights of the trip on day six. Vellore is city that’s certainly got a diverse range of previous rulers, from the Pavallas to the Medieval Cholas, and the British, this historic city has plenty to offer the inner tourist in you.
Finishing up in Chennai, you can finally put your rickshaw away, if you haven’t broken down on the way that is, and explore India’s fourth city.
If riding a rickshaw for 1300km has been a tiring experience, then drop down to Marina Beach, the second longest beach in the world, or check out the temples and sites or simply just get out and explore Chennai’s vibrant culture.
The Chennai Xpress isn’t just about the city stop offs though, in fact, one of the best things about riding a rickshaw through India is exploring the countryside.
Your rickshaw will trudge across beaches, cut through hills and valleys, all with incredible exotic backdrops to take home with your experience.
Oh yeah, and most importantly, you’ll get to hang out with some other crazy nutters brave enough to race off across India on an auto rickshaw, and you can be sure there will be a bad road with a party on the end of it.
So if you’re hankering for an Indian adventure, sign up for the Chennai Xpress and join us for the ride!

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