India's Village of Musclemen

India's Village of Musclemen
Asola-Fatehpur Beri, a poor farming village on the outskirts of Delhi has reinvented itself as the bodybuilding capital of India. Almost all of the men in the town workout and are employed as bouncers or security guards in nearby New Delhi.

“They train from birth but step things up at the age of 14 when they switch to a diet of milk, bananas, eggs and curd – to help put on weight. They can work out up to six hours a day lifting motorbikes, tractors and wrestling to build up their bulging biceps before unwinding with yoga. The village’s new muscleman reputation has also made the women happy – as no-one smokes, drinks or take drugs. They earn about £1,500 a year but can make more on private security details where their hand-to-hand combat skills make them a prized assets”

From Barcroft TV.

India’s Village of Bodybuilding Musclemen

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