Hit The Roads of India with Rickshaw Challenge

Hit The Road: India
The great Hit The Road: India film is making lots of noise, and the latest is a cool piece in BACKPACK ME
“This is no Bollywood. This is no ordinary documentary, even. Hit The Road India, is a a feature travel adventure documentary. It follows the adventure of 2 friends from North America, Richard and Keith, who take part in a rickshaw rally across India during 12 days. The Mumbai Xpress starts in Mumbai and ends up in Chennai. You can imagine that, for both the team in the rally and those shooting the documentary, this was a trip full of adventure.. even more adventure than the “regular” dose one gets to experience by default when touring Incredible India. And that is saying a lot!
Hit The Road is, in theory, a documentary about the Mumbai Xpress race and the particular team featured in this case. But ultimately, it’s about more than that: it’s about observing, from an outsider’s perspective, how life rolls in India. But do not expect an “Incredible India” type of commercial here. This is a documentary that doesn’t necessarily show you the most colorful or pretty side of India, but it does give you an insight on the real deal of smaller cities, away from landmarks and popular monuments.”


Hit The Road: India

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