Take the Poo to the Loo

Poo to the Loo
UNICEF India’ ‘Take Poo to the Loo’, campaign is an innovative digital-led campaign focusing on putting an end to open defecation.
In India more than 620 million people defecate in the open; this represents half the population. The other half have become blind to the practice – it is a socially accepted norm. A change is urgently needed. Everyone has to consider the practice of open defecation is totally unacceptable. Human excreta in the environment represent a risk to all of us, and, therefore, we have a duty to raise our voice, view our duty as citizens differently and support efforts to end this practice. The best way to start is to spread the word that this is not acceptable in the India we all want to live in. By creating buzz we aspire to put pressure on all different actors in society who need to act to make change happen,” states Sue Coates, UNICEF India.
Stop Poo by taking the pledge at poo2loo.com

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