An Amazing Race for the Clinically Insane

2 Nov, 2011 by admin  0

Great piece from The Local on the Rickshaw Challenge.

‘Hanging from the side of a less-than-100%-reliable three-wheeler may not be the most comfortable way to see India, but it’s surely one of the most exhilarating.

Which is precisely why every year, hundreds of hardy souls pay for the privilege of risking life and limb in the quest for thrills on the Rickshaw Challenge.

Described by a former participant as ‘an amazing race for the clinically insane,’ fearless tourists from all over the world make their way at breakneck speed (or at least as near as is possible on an auto rickshaw) across the country in tuk tuk-like vehicles in a thrill seeking activity that is gaining a huge cult following.

And, as if it isn’t enough to see India from a totally new (and often terrifying) perspective, you can even raise money for charity and help save the planet as you go. All it takes is a combination of bravery, foolhardiness and daring, with the promise in return of the experience of a lifetime.’

Via: The Local

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