The Cleanest Auto Rickshaw

Last year, Enviu, the innovators in sustainability based in Rotterdam (NL), launched the Hybrid Tuktuk Battle. The challenge was to design a system to make one million auto-rickshaws in India and other developing countries hybrid, in order to improve the living conditions of millions of drivers and their families, and drastically reduce the CO2 emissions. This month the grand prize went to the HAN’ds On Eco Tuk, a Tuktuk with LPG direct injection designed by the students of Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN).

The past twelve months 7 battle teams from the Netherlands and India have made a huge effort in developing their prototypes and business plans for making polluting auto-rickshaws, or Tuktuks, cleaner and more efficient. Last weekend the final competition took place in Chennai, India. The winner was chosen based on emission testing, fuel consumption races and a business plan for implementation of the system in India. The winning system saves up to 26% of energy and 53% on fuel costs compared to a regular petrol Tuktuk, and only costs around $200. 
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