DHL Rickshaw Challenge

DHL India employees go wild with a special custom autorickshaw adventure!
Mumbai, India. February 15, 2009 – The India branch of DHL Global Forwarding just treated its employees to an unforgettable a day of team-building challenges that involved driving and racing autorickshaws – motorized, three-wheeled vehicles that are an iconic symbol of the Indian subcontinent.  
DHL commissioned Chennai Event Management Services (CEMS) to organize this special team-building event. CEMS specializes in large-scale adventure races and endurance rallies, but this particular event is a product from their unique choose-your-own-autorickshaw-adventure service.
The day started early with driving lessons from professional autorickshaw drivers – real experts always make the best teachers! Participants came from all around Europe and South Asia Pacific for this event. Most had never even seen an autorickshaw before, and nobody had ever driven one.
Endurance challenges were offered first to get everybody warmed up. After a great game of autorickshaw tag, things really started to heat up! A special “slow race” really challenged everyone’s driving skills and brought laughs and cheers from all teams. 
The final challenge was an extraordinary autorickshaw ballet, in which teams danced around the arena in three clusters of five vehicles each. This unusual spectacle was definitely the highlight of the day. 
At the end of the event, prizes were given for the top-scoring teams. Everyone had a fantastic time, and the participants agreed the event was one of the most unique experiences they had ever had. 
CEMS is responsible for organizing events like the annual Rickshaw Challenges in India and the Bus Number 7 rally that goes from Central Europe to Africa. This custom DHL team-building day represents a unique CEMS service that lets clients dream up their own autorickshaw-related events. 
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