Your Adventure

Besides our annual rickshaw races: Mumbai Xpress, Tech Raid, Classic Run and the Malabar Rampage, we also organize custom rickshaw adventures for Corporates, Groups and Individuals based on their requirements. You choose the details: what, when, where, and how  –  and we take care of the rest. We call it  – Your Adventure.
We can also put together special endurance Rickshaw rally events of any scale, from short afternoon races to long multi-day treks. These challenges can take place on either public roads or in safe, no-traffic areas. The sky is truly the limit.
Here are some examples of events that our adventure challenges can compliment:
 Corporate conferences
 Academic symposiums
 Reunions, both personal and professional
• Staff training events
 Skill-strengthening retreats (from teamwork to self-reliance)

Here are some examples of custom adventures we can organize for your event:

 Races and rallies
 Treasure and scavenger hunts
 Games involving autorickshaws
 Skill challenges
 Cultural tours

Check the Your Adventure page for more information.

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