Why You Should Still Travel to India

In the light of the Mumbai attacks, travel writer Beth Whitman gives 4 reasons why you should still travel to India:
1. India is a huge, sprawling country The chances that something will happen to you are miniscule. Imagine canceling your trip to Italy because there was a bombing in Ireland. You wouldn’t even consider it.
2. India has a tremendous amount to offer travelers. Not going to India now would be an irrational response to an isolated incident. It would be like cutting off your arm because your big toe hurts. Millions of travelers (5 million in 2007) travel to India every year without incident.
3. India needs your support. If you have plans to go to India, don’t cancel them. If you are considering a trip, move forward with your plans. The Indian government, to great success, has been working hard to encourage travel to India – you can be sure they are going to make every effort to ensure the safety of tourists as they cannot afford to see a drop in tourism.
4. Now might be the best time. It’s unfortunate, but tourism generally does drop off to a destination after a terrorist attack. This means that costs on flights and accommodations are often slashed as airlines and hotels tempt tourists to come back.
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