Important Changes in Rickshaw Challenge !

Important Update: Effected immediately, We welcome Guy Zucker from our Budapest office to the position of Manager- Rickshaw Challenge. Guy is  replacing  Nona Varnado who is no longer in our company ( Update below ).
Nona has been with our company since 2007 , We wish her luck with all her endeavors. All correspondence related to the rickshaw challenge effective Immediately has to addressed to Aravind or Guy

Important Update: ( May 06 – 2009 )

In 2008, we had to terminate the services of Nona Varnado ( Nona V )  During her tenure with CEMS, she exhibited gross derelict of duty and as a company we decided that she was no longer a good fit for our dynamic team.  Unfortunately, after her departure she extorted the company for wages that were not owed and attempted theft of company property.
Although CEMS was respectful with her departure, Nona began a smear campaign against this company as an attempt to transfer interest and revenue to a new company created to compete with CEMS.  Acting in collusion with other justly terminated employees, she has been creating libelous claims about CEMS to sponsors and participants.  In accordance, all punitive and legal measures are being taken to prevent any further illicit communication with any and all contacts of Chennai Event Management Services.

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