The Mumbai Xpress 2018: Update 2

Princely’s second update from the Mumbai Xpress 2018.
mumbai xpress
After a busy few days training and navigating out of hectic Mumbai, by Day 5 this Rickshaw Challenge was only just beginning! The next few days for the Mumbai Xpress included a school visit, hill driving and, the golden sands of Goa. Here’s the latest from organizer Princely:

Day 5

mumbai xpress
Day 5 was planned for a school visit and out of 16, 13 teams made it to the school. It was fun time with kids and the Roundtable members took them around to show the project. After finishing we had to find the way out of Pune to the next destination at Mahabaleshwar. There were a couple of service calls with some niggles but they were sorted out very fast and all of the teams arrived at the hotel well within the time. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station, and the challenge of the day was to take photograph with the local tuk tuk taxi drivers. That fun experience was the main topic of conversation at dinner.

Day 6

mumbai xpress
Day 6 had a surprise element as there was a state wide protest on political issue. It was fun listening to all of the stories how they ferried the protest to the destination. There was couple of service calls, except that the day was a long distance day. All the teams were tired. A beer and good sleep to recharge was the mantra. The view of Ratnagiri was a soother for all of them.

Day 7

Day 7 was the drive to Goa. The party place made the teams go for it and at the start there were a couple of break downs. As usual it was all fixed immediately and all the teams had reached Goa. Some of the teams paid some fine that they do not understand at the Goan border. It only happens in Goa. They have different rule from all the other states. Long party at night was the finish.

Day 8

mumbai xpress
Day 8 is the rest day at Goa and all the teams were hailing Travel Scientists for the meticulous planning.
It’s Good bye from Goa.
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