Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run Days 9 & 10

The final two days of the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run featured monkey business, breakdowns, and then the classic run winners were announced!
classic run winners
Days 9 and 10 of the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run saw teams leave Tirunelveli and make the journey South to Kanniyakumari before heading North-West to  Trivandrum, the final destination! It wasn’t all plain sailing, but all teams made it in time for the Classic Run winners to be announced.

Day 9: Monkey Business

classic run winners
Leaving Tirunelveli, the route quickly became quite a challenge, with the many hills to climb. There were plenty stunning views to admire, but participants had to concentrate on keeping their rickshaws (and their weak engines!). Narrow roads and tight turns tested the teams to the limit, and some of the vehicles couldn’t handle the pressure. However, the breakdowns were quickly fixed by the ever-reliable Chennai Garage boys.
The teams were heading to India’s Southern tip at Kanyakumari. On the way they stopped at Sorumutthu, where participants were instructed to take a photo; not the easiest task, when the place was filled with pilgrims. After this everyone headed to the Papanasam Dam and then on to Manumuthar Falls, a traditional spot where locals bathe. Teams had to be careful though; leaving their rickshaws unattended to even a brief moment meant risking the chance of hijack by monkey! These tricky characters seemed very keen on the team’s brightly coloured vehicles, searching for food and even trying to snatch a first aid kit!
And finally they reached Kanyakumari, famous for its “Sunset Point”, where it’s possible to watch the setting sun or rising moon behind three seas at once: the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. Reaching the tip of a continent is always a special moment, but the teams couldn’t relax yet: they still had one day left to go.

Day 10: Superman to the rescue

classic run winners
And so on Day 10 the Classic Run teams headed North-West towards Trivandrum (officially named Thiruvananthapuram) the capital of the beautiful state of Kerala. However, the state unfortunately has recently banned all alcohol, meaning no champagne at the finish line, and thorough checks at the border. The day’s journey, a rather short 90km, was mainly along stunning beach road. There were several breakdowns along the way, but all were swiftly dealt with, including the miraculous arrival (pictured above) of “Cooperman”, ready to save the day at the last moment! When teams arrived they were surprisingly confronted with a pack of journalists. However, the Classic Run wasn’t the reason for the media frenzy, it turned out Kerala’s Chief Minister was holding a meeting nearby.
And so the Classic Run was over: congratulations to all the teams! We hope you had an incredible time, and maybe we’ll see you on a Travel Scientists adventure some time in the future. But first, the results from the final award ceremony…

Classic Run Winners: Magic Bird

classic run winners
Throughout the Classic Run teams were set many tasks to earn points, as well as being rewarded for inventive and extravagant costumes. The winners of the overall prize where Team Magic Bird, a newly-wed couple from the United States, who continually impressed with their various outfits and commitment to the challenges! Their title of Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run 2017 champions was well deserved.

Bonkers Award Winners: Cock & Pullet

classic run winners
However, that wasn’t the only award given out. Equally cherished is the Bonkers Award, for the team who are just that little bit crazier than the rest. There was tough competition, but nobody can doubt that the Cock and Pullet team, from Australia, livened up each day with their very recognizable costumes! If travelling 1000 km in Southern India dressed as a cock isn’t bonkers… what is?!

Charity Winners: World Teacher Aid

classic run winners
The final prize of the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run was the Charity Award which was deservedly run by Team World Teacher Aid. Amy, Carey, and Irene (from Canada, the US, and Kenya) raised an astonishing $12,0000 for charity. Amy is the founder of World Teacher Aid (a Canadian charity dedicated to improving education in the developing world), Carey is the charity’s Operations Manager, while Irene is the founder and director of World Teacher Aid’s Kenyan partner organisation VICDA. Many congratulations to their team, and everyone else on the challenge who raised money for charity. It’s great that the Rickshaw Challenge was not only a fun adventure, but will help the lives of children in India and elsewhere!

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