Rickshaw Challenge – Malabar Rampage 2016: School Visit

Today, our teams were flagged off from the Government School at Mallikatte, starting the route from Mangalore to Murudeshwar. Before embarking on their journey, however, our 38 participants had the opportunity to make new friends and share stories with the youngsters studying at the school.

Class Photo
Say Cheese for the Class Photo!

It was wonderful to see how the kids lit up when they saw the colourful rickshaws pull into the courtyard – the participants also brought along some gifts with them, like pens, pencils and watercolour paint palettes. The children also got to drive around in the vehicles and have some fun with the teams; everyone had a great time.
Let's Have a Bit of Rickshaw Fun!
Let’s Have a Bit of Rickshaw Fun!

The Rickshaw Challenge has been actively a part of supporting the charity Round Table of India in completing their mission – with each run, we wish to contribute to the organization’s goals.
They See Us Rollin'...
They See Us Rollin’…

Our teams play a significant role in raising funds with the Round Table of India under their program: “Freedom Through Education.” Our 38 participants also contribute to the futures of the young students by inspiring them to go beyond their country’s borders and learn everything they can about the world. It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved, and after the visit, our rickshaw gurus continued on the road energized and as positive as ever.

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