Ti-Took, the new web browser for windows from RealWat.
Named after, YES the tuk-tuk vehicles that carry riders anywhere all day long in east Asian cities and towns, Ti-Took is a simple, trustworthy way of navigating the complex and often dangerous world of the internet.
“For the average computer user, web browsers are becoming de facto operating systems. They serve as launch pads and host platforms for applications of all kinds,” says RealWat president David Ker. Cloud computing brings with it problems relating to privacy, site authenticity, content filtering and data integrity. The multiple solutions currently available to address these issues lack the intuitive, catch-all functionality of the Ti-Took platform.
Ti-Took is a downloadable application for Windows users which accesses the web via a dashboard and the question: How do you want to browse the web today? Users then launch one of their current browsers or the high-speed Ti-Took Nuage browser. They can also perform a web search on Google, Yahoo or Bing through the integrated dashboard search box. The Ti-Took Nuage browser is based on Google Chromium open-source code, explains Mr. Ker. We recognize and appreciate how Chromium’s feature-rich robustness benefits Nuage.

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