Survival Kit

No adventurer should leave home without the essentials and we’ve got all that covered for you. As well as the obvious items like a medical kit (to fix you), and a tool kit (to fix your rickshaw) we know from experience what other simple measures can get you out of a jam. A pen and paper will get you a long way in helping communicate with the locals or asking them to draw you a map. A locally registered mobile phone and pre-paid SIM card will enable you to make phone calls without racking up international charges, and a custom ID card containing a the vital information you need will serve as a back up for important information.

As well as this we will provide you with Road maps and a phrase book. With a bit of resourcefulness this should be everything you need to keep the wheels turning but if all else fails and you are completely stuck then the trusty Service Car will come to your rescue!

For this reason we kit you out with a basic toolkit and medical supplies. It is also worth remembering that most locals can fix a broken rickshaw with nothing more than a blunt banana so you are never far away from help.

The Kit contains the following:
• Tool Kit complete with flashlight
• Essential spares
• Quick First aid kit
• Event roadbook


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