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Auto-rickshaw drivers in Chennai have a history of overcharging and behave like rash and hard, using rigged meters, and exploting foreign passengers, although they are ubiquitous and possibly the easiest form of transportation to locate. Use only for short distances (if you know exactly how far you are going). Before talking to auto person ask any local person what the actual fare should be, because if you don’t know, they might ask for up to 3 times more.

If you want to travel by the auto, stick to these rules:

• Don’t go by the meter (if they have one) – the meter is rigged to show a higher fare

• Negotiate a rate with the driver beforehand. Try to stick to the agreed price, though the driver may attempt to ask for more.

• Consult local friends beforehand to find out reasonable market prices for the distance you intend to go.

• Try to hail individual auto rickshaws in traffic which are heading in the general direction of your destination and avoid those parked in groups as they may try to gang-up on you.

On a side note – if you are fascinated by the idea of going around in an auto, think about all those foreigners, who are riding an auto from Chennai to Mumbai. A Chennai based event management company, Chennai Event Management Services, has been having these autorickshaw rallies from Chennai to Mumbai, or Kanyakumari, etc., and has developed a great fan following for the same…YES that’s us!

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Its true in the article mentioned about the fare they demand.. The auto drivers not only exploit foreigners, but also every passenger in chennai.
The actual government rat is Rs.6.00 per kilometre. but they charging double.

For eg. from Adyar to Mylapore it is approx. 4 to 5 kms. the actal fare is Rs. 24 to Rs. 30 only. But the auto drivers doesnt put metres. And they deman Rs. 70 to Rs. 75 from adyar to mylapore this is the true scenraio now.

they are day dacoits, because the public doesnot know the distance ( kms) they travel and the auto fare allocated by the government.


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